What Are Toxins?  

RESET, REPAIR and REBOOT your body for a WHOLESTIC transformation  

Prevent diseases and optimize your health by cleansing your liver and digestive system.  

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How Important is Detox for Metabolic Efficiency  

Did you know that you are putting yourself at risk for diseases, accelerated aging process and unexplained symptoms if you don’t take care of your liver? Our liver functions as a filter for the food and chemicals that goes through our system. Carrying out over 500 essential tasks, we should give our liver the attention it deserves. Like anything else in our body, if our liver gets overworked it can falter and cause a cascading of health symptoms to our overall health.

To optimize our health, we need to start repairing, restoring and reclaiming it from the foundational level and get it functioning as our body rediscovers homeostasis. Naturally, our body heals itself through detoxification. This is the liver’s duty. But what if your body is overloaded with toxins that the liver gets exhausted?  


I wrote What Are Toxins? The WHOLESTIC Method Transformation Program eBook to help you RESET, REPAIR and REBOOT your body from the inside out through my total transformation detox programs which are focused on liver health. In this eBook I walk you through the factors in achieving natural healing.

Understanding the connection between our brain and gut will help us resolve and get rid of most body dysfunction and symptoms. With this What are Toxins eBook you will learn about the link between digestive system, hormone function, liver and brain health and how we can improve them.  

Get a jumpstart on your total transformation program now. Take ownership of your body as you only have one!  


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What Are Toxins?

The WHOLESTIC Method Transformation Program  

Our body has its own housekeeping system. It knows what to do, but just like any other living organism, it needs some rest, repair, reset and reviving regularly! So, here it is! I wrote this eBook to help you detoxify and reclaim your metabolic efficiency. 30 days of following the elements of The WHOLESTIC Method will improve your digestive system, liver, adrenals and overall health.  

Here are some benefits you can expect to learn from this eBook:  

  • Weight loss  
  • Boost your immune system  
  • Improve the liver functions  
  • Improve energy levels and vitality  
  • Improve eating habits  
Download Free eBook

What are Toxins? The WHOLESTIC Method Transformation Program will help you:

  • Create awareness and eliminate the toxins in our lives- from the outside and inside
  • Enhance the body’s ability to detoxify toxins and poisons stored in the body  
  • Decrease risk for heart disease, cancer and chronic degenerative diseases 
  • Slow down the aging process  


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Is the eBook really free? Definitely! I’m more than happy to pass the good stuff on, so this book is absolutely free. Keep me in mind the next time you have WHOLESTIC training and lifestyle method questions!  

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