Tips to Improve Metabolic Efficiency

For Improve Fat Loss, Performance, And Longevity

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Tips to Improve Metabolic Efficiency

For Improved Fat Loss, Performance, and Longevity

There is no one size fits all when it comes to reaching your highest performance potential. But endurance athletes face common problems, due to common mistakes! 

Dependence on burning carbs and depleting limited supplies of glycogen storage instead of slow-burning fat fuel leads to these common health issues: muscle fatigue and tightness, digestive issue (GI Stress), resistant belly-fat, spiking and crashing blood sugars, acute and chronic inflammation caused by blood sugar swings, and more.

As WHOLESTIC and fitness coach, I'd like to share some tips on how you can improve your metabolic efficiency as a WHOLE athlete. Are you fit but unhealthy on the inside? Why should you rely on fats instead of carbs? What should you eat as a low carb athlete? Are you overtraining and under recovering? I'll discuss all of these and more in this eBook. 

In this eBook, we'll get into:

  • Common problems and symptoms for endurance athletes
  • Metabolic Flexibility
  • Fueling for the Low Carb Athlete
  • Optimal Fat Metabolism 
  • Specific Carb Timing 
  • Training the body to burn fat during exercise
  • Recovery and Repair 
  • Managing Chronic Stress
  • And More!  
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Is the eBook really free? Definitely! I’m more than happy to pass the good stuff on, so this book is absolutely free. Keep me in mind the next time you have WHOLESTIC training and lifestyle method questions!  

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