Transform the WHOLE you with The WHOLESTIC Method program

RESET, REBOOT and RECALIBRATE the WHOLE you from the inside out Avoid chronic fatigue, burn out, and breakdown!

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Transform the WHOLE You with the WHOLESTIC Method

Why is it important to take care of the WHOLE you?

It was March 2013. My life has been different ever since that day on my bike when I had to pull over and start crying as I was not able to create enough energy to make another pedal stroke. Being a top personal trainer, coach, and athlete didn’t save me from having a burnout. It was a gradual breakdown from the inside out as a result of accumulated external and internal stressors through the years! Chronic stress impacts your digestion, gut health, immune system, brain health, inflammation, blood sugar regulation, fat metabolism, and performance. The WHOLE you are impacted by chronic stress- including your ability to BURN FAT even if following a low-carb ketogenic type of food plan and intermittent fasting. As a coach and trainer, I want to share what I wish I knew back then. I created a program to teach you about metabolic efficiency and resting assessments and the influence of chronic stress on your ability to burn fat. You can reach your optimal health and performance once you start adopting a holistic approach to your training through The WHOLESTIC Method. I wrote SELF CARE with 'The WHOLESTIC Method' ebook to help you RESET, REBOOT and RECALIBRATE the WHOLE you from the inside out. Download it now and get a jumpstart on your total transformation program. Take ownership of your body as you only have one!

RESET, REBOOT, and RECALIBRATE the WHOLE you from the inside out

Being fit saves you from burnout and breakdown, right? WRONG.
An accumulation of external and internal stressors may still break you! Being fit just ain’t enough— We need to work on creating long-lasting healthy lifestyle habits as we train for peak performance.
I wrote this eBook to help “Train The WHOLE Athlete To Avoid Burnout and Breakdown" with The WHOLESTIC Method. I am going to help you slow down and enjoy the journey instead of living with fast-paced habits. Life is Not a Race, but a Journey!

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Transform the WHOLE You with the WHOLESTIC Method eBook will help you:

Create awareness and eliminate the toxins in our lives- from the outside and inside

Enhance the body’s ability to detoxify toxins and poisons stored in the body

Decrease risk for heart disease, cancer and chronic degenerative diseases

Slow down the aging process

Here are the things you can expect to learn from the ebook:

  • lose weight with improved eating habits
  • avoid burnout and breakdown
  • become a fat burner and fat-adapted athlete
  • improve metabolic efficiency and metabolic flexibility
  • get started on fat loss and fat metabolism
  • boost your immune system
  • improve your liver functions
  • improve energy levels and vitality
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Is the eBook really free?

Definitely! I’m more than happy to pass the good stuff on, so this book is absolutely free. Keep me in mind the next time you have WHOLESTIC training and lifestyle method questions!

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